Municipality of Calatrava

Municipality of Calatrava


Distance from Bacolod: 129.9 kilometers
Land Area: 43,960.00 hectares
Classification: 1st Class
No. of Barangays: 40 Barangays
Population: 4,623 (May 1, 2000) – 78,936 (2005 Projection)
Language: Cebuano/English is spoken and understood

Points of Interest:

Wild Monkey Sanctuary
Palau Beach Resort
Loly Beach Resort
Pinocutan Cave
Bagacay Caves
Lat-ason Falls
Tigbon Cave


Calatrava was named after the city of La Mancha in Central Spain. An ancient fortress in the middle ages, it was also given the Military Orders of Spain, famous for its so-called Cruz de Calatrava and considered as one of the highest decorations given by the King of Spain.

Calatrava at one point was forced to become a barrio when the administerial form of government was transferred to San Carlos, formerly known as Nabingkalan in 1906. The latter used to be an arrabal or barrio of Calatrava.

Calatrava fought for its identity and regained its township status on October 4, 1924. This was achieved through the political representation of Cebuanos led by Alipio Villarante. When the town held its first elections in 1924, Don Antonio Menchaca was elected as the first municipal president.

The town today is a known source of limestone and coal as well as of woven products. It is also a sanctuary for a tribe of wild monkeys who have become friendly to people especially those with food to share.

How to Get There

Calatrava is a three-hour drive from Bacolod City by public utility vehicles and approximately two-and-a-half hours through private car. Aircon and non-aircon buses plying the northern Negros route pass by this area.


Bounded on the north by the Municipality of Toboso and the City of Sagay; on the south by the City of San Carlos, on the east by Tanon Strait and on the west by the Municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto and part of San Carlos City.

Famous Landmarks

Daan Lungsod Cave in Sitio Daan Lungsod is about 300 meters from the main highway. The cave measures 75 meters deep.

Bagacay Cave is about 8 kilometers from the town proper. Mat weaving inside this cave has been a source of living of the residents.

Palau Beach Resort offers overnight accommodations. It has a restaurant and it is accessible anytime of the day.

Century-old Roman Catholic Church of Calatrava was built in year 1880. Situated in the town proper, it is the center of worship for all catholic devotees.

Monkey Sanctuary in Sitio Palinpinon, Barangay Pagumayon is home of hundreds of wild monkeys. These monkeys are people-friendly but very territorial in nature. They thrived on the food brought by visitors and tourists.

Lat-ason Falls in Brgy. Marcelo, offers the radiance of cool waters cascading from falls traversing through rivers of cobbled stones.

Casandra Beach offers uniqueness in ways of convenience, comfort and security. This is the soothing place for you to swim and relax in comfort and privacy.

Palau Beach Resort offers overnight accommodations. It has a restaurant and accessible any time of the day. Stay for a night one weekend with your loved ones breathing in gentle wind along the shore of Palau.


Feast of Saint Peter (June 27 – 29)

Lilas Pandan Festival. The rocky terrain of a number of barangays of Calatrava makes it suitable to “pandan” plants, which thrive wildly just anywhere. When cut, trashed into strands and hang dried, its elongated succulent leaves, thorny on the sides, would make a durable material for mat weaving. Early inhabitants of these barangays particularly, Buenavista, San Isidro, Bagcay, Tigbao, Pinocutan, Mahilum, and Dolis on their owned learned the skills of weaving which they have handed down from generation to generation using pandan strands. Nature would have it that these barangays are also blessed with caves wherein pandan weaving can be ideally done. The cool atmosphere of the caves keeps pandan strands from becoming brittle thereby weaving is not disrupted.

Tremendous improvement on the pandan weaving industry in Calatrava cannot be left unnoticed. Not only did it become a lucrative means of livelihood in the barangays identifies but it also provides employment and income- generating project. Quality-wise, the products can now complete not only locally but internationally as well as evidenced by the orders from the exporters-marketing our pandan products to Europe and Hawaii. Suffice to say, pandan has put Calatrava in the map, hence the festival. Lilsa Pandan becomes center of HUDYAW Celebration this town fiesta 2008. Hudyaka, Dayeg, Sayaw Pandan Weavers and consumers: the time to praise and thank God for this natural beauty and bounty that Calatravanons enjoy. VIVA SENOR SAN PEDRO.

Street Party Festival. Started last year (2007) during the celebration of the town’s Annual Town fiesta. Town folks gather and partying around listening to live songs and music by various bands while innumerable kiosks surround the vicinity. A way also of tapping and promoting local tennis in the line with music and arts.

Market Day

Sunday (Poblacion)


Cassandra Beach Resort
San Isidro, Calatrava, Negros Occidental
Josefina Laguda
Tel. no. (034)727-8888

Tala Beach Resort
Felix Claro
Menchaca St., Calatrava
Tel. no. 0928-540-2884

Palau Beach
Josefina Laguda
Brgy. San Isidro, Calatrava
Tel. No: (034) 727888

Nening dela Serna
Brgy. Mahilum Calatrava
Cell.No.: 09196986929

Timay Canillo
Brgy. Mahilum, Calatrava
Cell.No: 09189199256 / 0962285178

Atil Lumbo
Cell.No: 09197128957

Saling Tongol
Bridge Area National Highway

Mick-Cia Biscuits and Cookies
Brgy. Castellano, Calatrava

Contact Persons

Office of the Mayor
Tel. No. 7277283

Amyrose Lavila
Tourism Officer
Tel. no. (034)7277606

Calatrava District Hospital
Tel. No:(034) 7277770
Dr. Carmelo Arguilles

Police Station
Tel. No. (034) 7277776