Municipality of Hinoba-an

Municipality of Hinoba-an

Municipality of Hinoba-an


Distance from Bacolod: 199.4 kilometers
Land Area: 42,410.00 hectares
Classification: 3rd Class
No. of Barangays: 24 Barangays
Population: 50,809 (May 1, 2000) – 53,745 (2005 Projection)
Language: Hiligaynon/Ilonggo/Cebuano/English is spoken and understood


Formerly a part of Cauayan, this place was inhabited by natives called “Magabat”.  When immigrants from Panay came and settled in the coastal areas, the settlers began to group in the area where the town is now located. Traders visited this place and bartered with its settlers products like clothing made in Miag-ao, Tigbauan and Guimbal in Iloilo.

Spanish authorities did not occupy Hinoba-an during their time in the province since the area was still a jungle.  It was visited only by people from Cauayan and the neighboring towns for hunting purposes, hence no important events were recorded about the coming of the Spaniards in the town.

When the Americans landed in Negros during World War II, Hinoba-an became a historical point of entry by the US military forces. Col. Salvador Abcede, district commander of the 7th military district, established his island headquarters in this town during the Japanese occupation.

Col. Jesus Villamor, aboard submarine USS Gledgeon, landed at Ubong Point and occupied Ubong Cave as command post supply food and arms to guerillas.

After Liberation, Hinoba-an was rehabilitated by some of its pioneering residents.  More settlements were established, schools were built, trails developed for the people’s convenience in going to places and in transporting their local produce to nearby towns and villages.

How to Get There

Hinoba-an is about four-and-a-half hours drive from Bacolod City using public utility vehicles passing through the main highway.  It is about three-and-a-half hour ride by private car. Buses going to this southernmost town are available at the Bacolod South Terminal.


Hinoba-an is bounded on the north by the towns of Sipalay and Candoni, and on the south by the municipality of Basay, to the east by the town of Ilog, and on the west by the Sulu Sea.

Famous Landmarks

Salvacion Cave along the vicinity of pebbled beaches of Brgy. Talacagay has a natural covered pools ideal for bathing.

Ubong Cave is where the late Major Jesus Villamor, hero of World War II landed bringing firearms for the Philippine guerillas aboard the US Navy Submarine Gidgeon in 1942, establishing the first radio contact with General Douglas McArthur based in Australia at that time.

Happy Valley Beach Resort nestled amid the coconut plantation boasts of modern cottages with modern bathroom facilities. All amenities from furniture to bed covers are all imported. All cottages are fully air-conditioned.

Brazaville Resort offers cottages for overnight accommodations. It has a mini conference hall for small gatherings.


Pagbanaag Festival was created in  year 1999.  Hinoba-an got its festival name Pagbanaag, because people enjoy non-stop disco dancing and merry making from dusk till dawn.