Natural Resources Management
NEGROS FIRST - Natural Resources Management
  • Sustain Programs for Conservation, Rehabilitation and Protection of the Environment
  • Strengthen Linkage with Public/Private Sectors for Protection of Coasts/Forests/Major Rivers
  • Support Coastal Resource Management to Enhance Production of Marine Resources
  • Promote Judicious Use of Abundant Water Resources (esp. for irrigation & hydro-electric projects)
  • Strengthen Climate Change Response and Solid Waste Management Advocacies
  • Strict Adherence to Zoning Laws

NEGROS FIRST! Natural Resources Management

Negros Occidental is a showcase of a sound environment management, with two protected forest areas (Mt. Kanlaon and Northern Negros Natural Parks) and two marine reservations (Sagay Marine Reserve and Danjugan Island Marine Sanctuary) that are home to various species of flora, fauna and marine life.

We will sustain existing programs, both of government and private sector partners, for conservation, rehabilitation and protection of the environment, especially our coastal areas, forest reserves, and major rivers and water bodies. We will support private sector initiatives in environmental advocacy and networking to create environmental awareness and education on issues and concerns affecting the environment.

The ongoing program on Coastal Resource Management to enhance production of marine resources will be supported and the judicious use of our major rivers for hydro-electric power projects will be promoted.

Alternative livelihood will be made available to people who depend on the forests for their sustenance. We will advocate for use of appropriate technologies, either traditional or sustainable methods, to ensure the continued supply of resources, without endangering the delicate natural balance of the ecosystem.

We will adhere to the ecologically sustainable development principles that advocate the following rule of thumb in valuing natural resources: renewable resource – capable of being “harvested or farmed” at a sustainable rate; non-renewable resource – should only be used or extracted if a substitute is found; absolute resource – should not be used at all because there is no human-made substitute; they are either vital to life on earth, have “existence” value, or they are essential to maintaining biodiversity.

Strict adherence to zoning laws should be advocated to the LGUs since land classification and distribution is among factors identified to have led to forest loss, aside from increasing population and the slow growth of job opportunities, among others.

The effect of climate change has been felt world-wide and it is imperative that we prepare an appropriate response to avert further deaths and destruction from disasters. We also need to strengthen the advocacy for solid waste management, down to the household level.