Roads and Other Infrastructure
NEGROS FIRST - Roads and other Infrastructure
  • Improve Farm-to-Market Roads
  • Enhance Concreting of Provincial Roads

NEGROS FIRST! Roads and Other Infrastructure

We will improve farm-to-market roads as well as increase the length of asphalted or concreted provincial roads to enhance mobility for agricultural activities, trade and tourism.

Presently, our 424.52 km total provincial roads comprise 125.98 km (29.67%) concreted road, 15.99 km (3.76%) asphalted road, and 280.73 km (66.12%) gravel road, and 1.91 km bridge (0.45%). Our national roads totaling 1,351.69 km comprise 382.57 km (28.30%) gravel, 579.87 km (42.90%) asphalt, 377.41 km (27.92%) concrete, and 11.84 km (0.88%) bridge.