Social Services
NEGROS FIRST - Social Services
  • Initiate Programs for Pre-School Children and the Senior Citizens
  • Reinforce Youth Development thru Responsible Adolescence Programs
  • Promote Responsible Parenting & Natural Family Planning
  • Promote Disaster Risk Management for Public Safety
  • Support National and Local Efforts towards Peace and Security

NEGROS FIRST! Social Services

We will continue to provide our pre-school children with learning facilities that are safe and conducive for their development through the Day Care Centers. Aside from the children, we are taking care of the other sectors such as the Senior Citizens, the Women, the Fathers, the Youth, and the Handicapped.

We will advocate the establishment of senior citizens’ convergence center in every LGU where the elderly could go for fellowship and recreation. Those who are still able could be taught some skills that would make them use their time productively.

Responsible adolescence programs will be made a vital part of youth development initiatives inasmuch as responsible parenting will be part of program for parents.

We will also help promote the national government’s (and Church-backed) thrust on natural family planning to assist parents in planning for a family they are able to support as well as to protect maternal and child health.

We will sustain efforts to empower the community for people’s participation towards social development.

We will support national and local efforts towards the attainment of peace and security, because development cannot take place without peace. With the degradation of the environment, we also need to be constantly proactive to reduce the risk of disasters affecting the province.