Negros Occidental Scholarship Program

Scholarship Categories:

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Pagkaon Scholarship
District Educational Scholarship (DES)
Negros Occidental Provincial Medical and Nursing Scholarship (NOPMaNS)
Vocational/Technical Scholarship
Matching Scholarship Grant
Indigenous Peoples (IP) Scholarship
Degree Completion Scholarship

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General Criteria of Eligibility

  • Must have graduated in any high school with a general average of at least 80%, with no grade below 75% or its equivalent and (except for NOPMaNSā€”Medicine and DCS) has not entered college after graduation;
  • Must be single and should not exceed 21 years of age for Pagkaon, DES, DCS, and MSG at the time of filing of application; must not be over 25 years old for NOPMaNS-Medicine and 30 years old for VocTech;
  • Must be a resident of the Province and of good moral character as certified by the Principal of the school graduated from and by the Punong Barangay where residing;
  • Annual family income must be below poverty level as fixed by NEDA (except for NOPMaNS, PEACE and MSG) as reflected in the Income Tax Return/Certificate of Exemption;
  • Must not be related to any other scholar of the Province up to the fourth civil degree of consanguinity.


The qualified scholars must comply with the following conditions:

  • Must enroll in any course prescribed under the particular scholarship grant applied for.
  • Must maintain a full load every semester and finish the course within the prescribed period.
  • Must comply with all the requirements of the course and pass all subjects every semester
  • Must submit to the Scholarship Committee a certified copy of the official grades at the end of every semester/term.
  • Must not enter into marriage or co-habit in any form during the entire scholarship period.
  • Must render service to the Province preferably in such office or field of work as may be related to his/her study equivalent to 100 hours for every year of availment of the scholarship grant.
  • Must attend all activities of the Province concerning the Scholarship Program and whenever required by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Must enter into a Scholarship Agreement with the Province of Neg. Occ. and comply with the obligations stipulated therein.

Non-compliance of any of the above conditions automatically revokes the benefits of the program.

Admission to the Program

Initial Procedure
  • The scholar-applicant must satisfy the general eligibility requirements of the NOSP
  • Scholarship application forms may be obtained and filed at the Provincial Human Resource Management Office. Please look for the following:
Scholarship Coordinator
Mary Ann D. Uytiepo
Maryver A. Cordova
Lily Grace M. Nisnisan
Felomina R. Gozon
Cherry J. Yulo
Scholarship Grant
NOPMaNS, Best of Negros and DCS
VocTech and Indigenous Peoples

Items to be Submitted
  • Scholarship application form duly accomplished and signed by the applicant, Punong Barangay, High School Principal & Parent or Guardian
  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Latest BIR Income Tax Return or Certificate of Exemption of Parents/ Guardian with Affidavit
  • Certified Copy of High School Report Card or Scholastic /Transcript of Records (if still in school, latest grades available)

For more inquiries, please call or visit:

Negros Occidental Scholarship Program Secretariat
c/o Provincial Human Resource Management Office
Telephone Nos. 433-2545 / 709-0732 / 434-5882
Look for Ver, Grace, Pie or Yannie