Sweet Green City of Victorias, home of the largest sugarmill and refinery in South East Asia and the center of Agri-Eco Tourism in Northern Nergros.
With my great calling to serve and lead the people, join me as we continue to promote programs for economic growth and sustainable development while preserving the City's cultural, historical, and ecological heritage.

- Mayor Francis Frederick P. Palanca




34,672.1382 ha



Industrial Infrastructure

Victorias Milling Company


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Victorias Milling Company, Inc. was founded on May 7, 1919 by Don Miguel Ossorio. Back then, VMC was one of the earliest modern sugar mills in the country. In the succeeding years, VMC expanded its business by establishing an agricultural research department and construction of VMC Dock. It also established a sugar refinery and began producing hydrous alcohol in Manapla. During the Japanese occupation, VMC and another sugar mill Negros Sugar Company (NONSUCO) suffered extensive damages. The latter was the very first sugar mill in the Philippines established by Don Miguel. Ossorio then decided to merge the assets of the two sugar mill with VMC as the surviving entity because it incurred less damages than.

Because of rising overhead costs, falling sugar prices, and increasing competition, VMC came up with an Alternative Rehabilitation Plan (ARP) that was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 29, 2000. As of 2010, VMC was able to pay its interest payments to date, as well as its principal loan repayments. This meant an annual interest payment of about P307.0 Million and loan principal payment of P365.0 Million to its creditor banks.

Religious Infrastructure

Chapel of St. Josepth the Worker


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The St. Joseph the Worker Chapel, commonly known as the Angry Christ Church, in Victorias, Philippines, is a Roman Catholic chapel located inside the Victorias Milling Company residential complex, in Victorias, Negros Occidental, Philippines. It considered the first example of modern sacral architecture in the Philippines. It is dedicated to St. Joseph the Worker.

The church was designed by the Czech architect Antonín Raymond, himself already recognized as the founder of modern architecture in Japan. The church was declared Important Cultural Property of the Philippines in December 2015. 

The church is also known for its modern altar painting of so-called “Angry Christ” painted in vivid colors by Alfonso Ossorio, Filipino-American abstract expressionist artist.

Government Center

Victorias City Hall


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In the year 1906, the usual meeting place of the people of the town is the Municipal Hall which is also the office of Secreatary Esteban Jalandoni. This place is frequented by a Chinese Businessman, Alejandro Acuña Yap Quiña, who always seeks the advice of the Secretary for all things he needed. One morning Secretary Jalandoni jokingly asked the Chinese businessman if he is willing to donate a piece of his land within which an official municipal hall building will be constructed. 

Secretary Jalandoni is pointing to an area which the present Victorias City Hall stands. Sr. Acuña Yap Quiña replied that the area is part of his hacienda Guinpana-an. He further said that “As a good citizen, I am willing to donate the piece of land provided that the seat of government will be transferred there”. Secretary Jalandoni invited him to attend the regular session so he can announce his intention to donate a piece of his property to the town.

Sports Facility

Victorias Golf and Country Club


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The Par 72 course has long and straight fairways for the front nine and rolling fairways with ravines at the back.

Its facilities include a practice putting green, tee house and a clubhouse. The clubhouse also serves as restaurant and where the locker and shower facilities are located.