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Multi-Purpose Vehicles for Murcia Barangays

Barangays Canlandog, Blumentritt, Sta. Rosa, Abo-abo, Sta. Cruz, and Caliban, all of the Municipality of Murcia received multi-purpose vehicles in a turn over ceremony held at Murcia Public Plaza yesterday, September 1, 2022, led by Governor Bong Lacson and Mayor Gerry Rojas.

The project was realized through a counterparting scheme between the Provincial Government, Office of Rep. Kiko Benitez, Local Government of Murcia, and the respective barangays.

Gov. Lacson advised the punong barangays to maintain the vehicles properly as they will be aid in the efficient delivery barangay services. All the rest of the 15 barangays of Murcia will also be acquiring the said project.

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