OISCA officers and members from Toyama Chapter in Japan welcome Gov. Bong and Neg. Occ. delegates | Negros Occidental Provincial Government

Philippine Standard Time:
OISCA officers and members from Toyama Chapter in Japan welcome Gov. Bong and Neg. Occ. delegates

Governor Bong Lacson and the Negros Occidental delegation received a warm welcome from the OISCA officers and members -Toyama Chapter in Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

Provincial Administrator Atty. Rayfrando Diaz II, DILG Provincial Director Teodora Sumagaysay, Executive Assistant to the Governor and PIO Charina Magallanes – Tan, Negros Occ. Scholarship Program Head Karen Dinsay, NOLITC Administrator Dr. Ma. Cristina Orbecido, and Ms. April Duran compose the Negros Occidental delegation.

Gov. Lacson, in his message, said that OISCA has been at the forefront of promoting international cooperation, since its inception in 1961, and these principles have guided the organization’s efforts in enhancing knowledge, technical and managerial skills, fostering a sense of gratitude and spiritual depth, and respecting cultural diversity across the globe.

“Our Province, Negros Occidental, has been fortunate to be part of OISCA’s inspiring journey since 1996, and OISCA’s projects have profoundly impacted the province’s local communities by empowering individuals and fostering resilience,” said Gov. Lacson.

He also said that silk production in Negros Occidental has gained significant attention, making OISCA Silk Farm a popular destination for educational visits and its silk products have gained international acclaim.

The governor said that he is looking forward to a new chapter in the partnership with OISCA and the Toyama Prefecture that will create a bridge between communities, open new doors of opportunities for our citizens and contribute to the growth of both provinces.

“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to OISCA International for the unwavering commitment to promoting international cooperation and development,” he added. #AbanseNegrense

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