Partnership and Framework for Water Security Program

USAID through its Safer Water Project and PGNO agreed to cooperate to improve Water Security of Negros Occidental and to leverage their respective strengths, expertise, technologies and resources in order to achieve their objectives.


Increase access to resilient water supply among water-stress communities.


Improve water source management to ensure sustainable water supply.


Strengthen water
sector governance

Improved Water Resources Management

Sustainable water resources availability originates upstream, as agricultural practices, protected areas management, water diversions, and upland communities drive change within the watershed. Active watershed councils and river basin organizations play a key role in  safeguarding water quality and quantity  

Strengthened Water Sector Governance

Good water governance underpins the enabling environment for water security, with locally accountable LGUs proactively planning and coordinating water and sanitation services and national government agencies enabling service expansion through new policies, regulatory reforms, and strategic investments.

Increased Access to Resilient Water Supply and Sanitation Services

Upstream stewardship comes to fruition in downstream access to water and sanitation services through reliable and resilient water services providers supported by responsive local government units. Water-wise households and committed private sectors are conscientious consumers of water services and green environment through responsible wastewater management.