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SecuRE Negros is not just a campaign; it is a commitment to securing the energy future of Negros Occidental through the transformative power of renewable energy. In the face of impending climate and energy challenges, the Province is taking a bold step towards a sustainable and resilient future.
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Keep abreast of the latest information and developments in the province amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Provincial integrated Water Security Program

The Provincial Integrated Water Security Program is an initiative of the Provincial Government aimed at safeguarding water resources and ensuring adequate safe water for its people & ecosystems
State of the Province
Address 2023
Gov. Bong Lacson delivered his annual State of the Province Address (SOPA) virtually last Wednesday (August 25, 2023), 2pm. thru the official Facebook page of the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental.


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We are truly grateful for your thoughtful contribution to the Province of Negros Occidental during this very trying time. We cannot thank you enough.

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