1.  Applicable to All Claims
      • Appointment from Punong Barangay (for Tanods and Employees)
      • Oath of Office (Barangay Officials)
      • Statement of Attending Physician
      • Claimant’s Statement
      • Certification from Punong Barangay that Insured is an incumbent official/Tanod/employee
  2. Applicable to Natural Death Claim
      • Death Certificate of the Insured
      • Birth/Baptismal Certificate of Claimant-Spouse
      • Payroll (3 months preceding the death)
  3. Applicable to Accidental Death Claim
      • All requirements for Natural Death Claim
      • Police Investigation Report
      • Traffic Accident Report
  4. Applicable to Medical Reimbursement
      • Original Copy of Receipts
      • Medical Prescription
      • Insured’s Statement of Disability