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Capitol Employees Attend Seminar On Magna Carta Of Women

WATCH. Seminar on Magna Carta of Women

The Provincial Government employees attended a seminar on Magna Carta of Women held at the Capitol Social Hall yesterday.

The activity is spearheaded by the Provincial Human Resource Management Office in collaboration with Negros Occ. Gender and Development Focal Point System.

The lecture covered the definition of Magna Carta of Women, the Declaration of Policy, Principles of Human Rights, Duties Related to Human Rights, Rights of Women, Empowerment, and Institutionalized Mechanisms.

Executive Assistant to the Governor and GAD Focal Point System Action Officer, Marie June Castro, facilitated and lecture and workshop for the participants.Executive Assistant to the Governor and OIC PIO Charina Magallanes – Tan represented Gov. Bong Lacson at the activity.

In his message, the governor said that the Provincial Government has long established the implementation of the localization of the Magna Carta of Women, and shall continue to strengthen, create, and uphold programs and policies regarding good practices and measures in the pursuance of gender and development.

He also said that now is the time not just for assurances but for concrete actions, to make sure that the vision for a gender-responsive province that promotes equal access and opportunities for women will be actualized.

Republic Act Bo. 9710 is also known as “An Act of Providing for the Magna Carta for Women” wherein the state affirms women’s rights as human rights and provides the necessary mechanisms and measures to promote equal opportunity for women, especially those in the marginalized sector of society.

The Act also provides for the recognition and protection of women’s rights, including their right to non-discrimination.


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