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Gov. Lacson to teachers: Make excellence the benchmark of our educational system

Governor Bong Lacson expressed gratitude and appreciation to all teachers for doing everything in educating the Negrense youth, especially with the challenge of the new normal and distance learning, and urged the them to make excellence the benchmark of the province’s educational system.

The governor delivered his message during the installation ceremony of Antipolo National High School principal, Joy Estacion, Thursday (January 14).The governor commended the new principal for her accomplishments and performance; he also advised the teachers work together to eliminate mediocrity in classrooms.

“The task of educating the youth is a matter of transcendental importance in our nation building and that is the reason why education is among the most important components of the present administration, and it is my priority to strengthen the educational policies,” said Gov. Lacson. “It is my utmost aspiration that all children regardless of economic and social status will have the same level of good quality education,” he added.

He also said that the crucial role of public education has never been waned over the years and remains to be the most important tool in lifting families out of poverty and in giving solid opportunities to children.

Antipolo National High School in the Municipality of Pontevedra is under the Division of Negros Occidental. Also present in the activity were Pontevedra Mayor Jose Maria Alonso, Antipolo Brgy. Capt. Jonathan Bayona, and Public Schools District Supervisor, Lourdes Quisio, among others.

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