Gov lauds social workers for dedicated public service | Negros Occidental Provincial Government

Philippine Standard Time:
Gov lauds social workers for dedicated public service

Governor Bong Lacson lauded all local social welfare and development officers of the province for their commitment to public service in responding to urgent needs of several sectors, that was intensified because of the COVID – 19 pandemic. The governor delivered his message at the Local Social Welfare and Development Officers Program Review and Planning Workshop held at the Capitol Social Hall, today, attended by social workers from the different cities and municipalities of Negros Occidental.

The governor said that as a developing nation, everybody is aware of the vital roles of social and development work; and in the Philippines, there are more underprivileged and vulnerable constituents, as the country is also prone to natural calamities. “Our social workers are confronted with greater struggles and challenges compared to our counterparts from other countries; and these pre-existing conditions were further intensified with the unexpected and sudden occurrence of COVID-19,” said Gov. Lacson. “To all our local social and development workers, I know that your job has become more arduous in this pandemic, in this complex and evolving state we are in. I truly appreciate your commitment and devotion,” he added.

According to him, it takes a lot of heart and consistency of purpose to be able to take on the job of responding to the exigent needs of several sectors, each with needs as important and urgent as the other; with added exacerbation brought about by personal fears and limitations. He also said he hopes the activity will make the PSWDO programs more responsive to the needs of the province and all Negrenses.


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