Province holds Consultation with Bulk Water Off-Takers | Negros Occidental Provincial Government

Philippine Standard Time:
Province holds Consultation with Bulk Water Off-Takers


Governor Bong Lacson, Provincial Administrator, Atty. Rayfrando Diaz, Provincial Legal Officer, Atty. Alberto Nellas, Jr., together with the Safe Water Team, USAid representatives, water district representatives, and other water stakeholders, attended the consultation meeting on securing sufficient potable water resource for the province in the next three years.

The plan entails setting up of the first bulk water supply along Imbang and Malogo Rivers to help meet the water requirements of the province.

Imbang and Malogo, both located in Silay City, are among biggest streams in Negros Occidental that have potential for future surface water resources.

Gov. Lacson said that to ensure the availability of a safe, clean, and potable water, the Provincial Government will take the lead in the development of a Bulk-Water Supply.

“Together with the Public Private Partnership Center, USAID, and a private partner, we will start the construction of at least one bulk water facility in the next three years,” he said.

Representatives from various water districts also shared the status of their wells, the population they are serving, and the estimated time when the waters will be sufficient.

According to Atty. Jessa Genteroles, PGNO PPP Focal Person, the current underground water resource will no longer hold the demand of the province by 2035, and the scarce underground water is nearing the critical level and salt water intrusion will be irreversible, that is why there is a need to diversify the source of potable water.

Gov. Lacson also thanked USAid whose mission was to achieve a water-secure future for the unserved and the underserved household establishments in the country.


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