Provincial Fly Control Program Launched At Capitol | Negros Occidental Provincial Government

Philippine Standard Time:
Provincial Fly Control Program Launched At Capitol

The Negros Occidental Provincial Veterinary Office spearheaded the ceremonial launching of the Provincial Fly Control Program and a Consultative Conference with Poultry Integrators and Growers, held at the Capitol Social Hall, Monday (Sept. 6).

The activity was attended by poultry operators and owners from the different cities and municipalities of the province, who participated in the discussion on how to control and eradicate fly infestation in the province, especially among poultry farm operators.

They Fly Control Team monitoring schedule, issuance of Compliance Certificate, and application of fly control chemicals were also discussed at the activity.

Gov. Bong Lacson said that as a primarily agricultural province and as one of the major poultry producers in the region, reports of fly infestation in our poultry farms necessarily dictated a swift course of action.

He also lauded the Provincial Veterinarian’s Office, for the quick and timely advise to implement the needed biosecurity measures to evade the dreaded public health nuisance for the communities and ecotourism in the affected areas, and the resulting economic injury to our poultry industry.

Gov. Lacson said that the said activity is proof that the Provincial Government spares no effort in addressing the concerns of Negros Occidental, notwithstanding the daunting issues and difficulties brought about by COVID 19.

Present in the activity were Negros Occ. Provincial Administrator Atty. Rayfrando Diaz, Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Renante Decena, and Atty. Maki Ascalon who represented Board Member Juvy Pepello, among others.

The rationale and implementing guidelines of the said program is based on Executive Order 21 – 41 of the Provincial Government.


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