Talarak Foundation – Negros Forest Park | Negros Occidental Provincial Government

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Talarak Foundation – Negros Forest Park

As part of today’s Culture Hub Circuit Tour, Gov. Bong Lacson, provincial officials and guests visited the Talarak Foundation – Negros Forest Park located along South Capitol Road in Bacolod City.

The provincial government is supportive of the foundation’s initiative and effort on reforestation, rescue and captive breeding of endangered species, and creation of wildlife reserves and sustainable projects.

According to Gov. Lacson, the Negros Forest Ecological Foundation and Talarak Foundation, now merged under the banner of Talarak Foundation, Inc. has always been the partner of the government in its forest protection programs, and the assistance extended by the provincial government is proof that it is always supportive of all the foundation’s efforts towards the conservation of the environment and biodiversity.

He also said that the Forest Park is a great and distinctive inclusion to the Negros Culture Hub.

“Seldom we see a rainforest and an endemic wildlife preservation in the heart of the city and within the vicinity of the seat of government; this is something we Negrenses should be proud of,” he added.

TFI President, Fernando Guttierez and TFI VP Paul Lizares led in welcoming all guests at the activity.

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