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The Governor’s Easter Message

The Governor’s Easter Message

Lent is a time to remember and honor the greatest sacrifice our Savior Jesus Christ did for us. It is a time to answer GOD’s invitation for us to return to him in humility and submission.

Today, I join the entire Negrense community in celebrating Easter. For the past two years, we have been precluded from commemorating lent according to our customary religious observance. This year, with lesser restrictions, we are allowed, albeit carefully and cautiously, to return to tradition. With this, we give thanks.

This Resurrection Day, despite certain uncertainties caused by the pandemic, calamities, and other uncontrollable circumstances, we rejoice and celebrate the triumph of faith over doubt and of hope over despair. As children of GOD in this part of the world, let us all together proclaim that Jesus Christ, our savior and redeemer, has risen, just as he said!

Happy Easter, my beloved Negrenses!

GOD be with us all!

-Gov. Bong Lacson

Negros Occidental Provincial Government