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Negros Kasapulanan of Baptist Churches

Governor Bong Lacson graced the 85th General Assembly of the Negros Kasapulanan of Baptist Churches held at Bacolod Christian Center in Bacolod City, today.

The governor said that God’s churches at present are faced with the monumental task on how to effectively approach the modern, diverse, and increasing secular society, and that the present reality demands that churches must be able to reach and minister as many as they can, in the soonest time possible.

“The need to be able to transcend race, gender, nationality, tongue, social condition, and even religion, is of foremost importance. Thus, the need to communicate in a language understood by all, which is love. And service is love in action,” he said.

“May this renew and enliven the mutual duty of the churches and the government to actively seek the alleviation of the lives of our people, not as a secular duty, but as a divine task,” he added.

Negros Occidental Provincial Government